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12 Reasons why I Love Battlefield PVP

12 Reasons why I Love Battlefield PVP

12 Reasons why I Love Battlefield PVP

Cooperative gaming can be a viable form of bonding for many gamers. Players find others in groups by throwing their voices onto the populated setting of the internet to others through a microphone. Sometimes others shout back and real bonds of friendship are forged out of common gaming interests and interest existing outside of gaming. The bonds deepen when dynamic gameplay and clever team tactics are employed. A sufficient amount of ass is kicked as the result.

A small group of friends and I are all about kicking ass but we never had to find each other on the internet. My friends and myself have forged our own relationships since close to birth and have been gaming together for over twenty years have a better sense of team chemistry when the best of matches occur. Battlefield 1 offers a way to play together and talk together.

DICE gives us much to sink our cooperative teeth into.

12. Platoons

The new addition of platoons adds a little bit of extra depth to the overall team/squad design. To decide on a name we filtered through names including a bunch of racist slurs, puns on various obscenities, and one tribute for the everlasting Harambe (may he rest in peace).

We decided on “an older version of sex” which is “Canoodling” with the squad tag of “t8nt.” So we became the Canoodlers and another inside joke is made. A Skull with flames in the sockets is our current emblem. We are allowed to actually represent as this ridiculous platoon. The Canoodlers: (slogan) We are cool, I like that.

11. Winning/losing

 In the end our squad will either win or lose but have fun regardless. At times we don’t even know which side has the winning advantage because we are so focused on our goals. We do win the vast majority of matches and the winning side is just the icing on the cake when we already compliment and contrast with our attributes so well. Losing makes the team hit the next match twice as hard, with a renewed sense of confidence. Playing the game feels the same either way, win or lose, and with a small group of friends the gaming experience becomes much more meaningful.

10. Burning off Steam

Sometimes in our group one of our boys is not up to their best fighting strength in the game because of any random personal issue that they might be dealing with on that day. When this happens we make merciless fun of him and laugh it off and deal with that emotion with battle and positive talk. We watch out for each other even when we trample on our own emotions and get psyched to wipe the enemy out.

battlefield 1 review main

The original Storm Trooper

I know I have rid myself of scary anger and other emotions by killing and outsmarting other bitches. You can make the screen seem like a punching bag with the amount of intensity it takes to focus when in the process of burning off a ton of steam. The release of emotion allows for a bit of a reprieve until real life pops up again in any of its forms.

9. Blue dots

Too frequently one of the game’s main frustrations involves the idiocy of teammates. Now as the Canoodler’s squad, our squad of 5 fucking kick ass. The other portion of team can too often be comprised of losers. Allow me to explain.

Sometimes the overall quality of our teammates, the blue dots, well, sucks. We call this one being “shit squaded.” The abundance of stupidity is horrible: players charging through the most obvious route ahead in the sights of snipers looking for easy targets.

Much of the mayhem involves idiot drivers. Too many drivers driving tanks book it straight for the enemy balls-to-the-wall fast while not lingering behind a bit and prepping the area ahead with gun or cannon fire and being sure enough to move forward. Horrible tank drivers do not understand the concept of caution at all.

Some behemoth drivers cannot understand the exact same concept. Instead of going to a peripheral location, many go straight for the middle to where all of the action is, but that’s not the right idea. If we are down that much to have a behemoth spawn for us, the driver better sure as hell know it’s best to launch a comeback when we catch some weaker objective with the behemoth. Damn fool.

Others ride in planes just to kamikaze into the lines and it’s a horrible waste of team resources but it can be pretty funny to be in the chaos of battle only to see the random intervention of a fiery plane crash.

One of my pet peeves in this game occurs the moment I’m struck down. I immediately look to at the bottom right screen to watch if any Medics show up at least 20 meters away. Medics scurrying around that have the revive syringe on them tend to revive if they spot the skull and crossbones indicating a soldier technically “dead” but still clinging to life and too often they ignore your body not bothering to revive your body or even give a damn about life at that point because screw them when ever that happens.

 8. Continuing Game Improvements

Not only does our team keep getting good but so does the game itself. I remember a time when Battlefield 1 was full of matchmaking bugs wreaking havoc on our squad. Sometimes we were separated into different teams. Sometimes an unseen internet force booted us from the game.

A steady stream of tangible improvements came into existence when the game the game patches became more and more involved. This trail of breadcrumbs culminates with the addition of obtaining ribbons for completing in game feats, new weapons, new gun skins, and new maps. A ribbon exists for having seven squad spawns and another for five vehicle repairs. Some such as these are amazingly easy to obtain and that encourages repetition.

The game takes another step forward with the release of recent DLC and the maps are absolutely superb. DICE has increased the staying power of their game thanks to sharp attention to detail and I think the game will continue to be great and greater at any moment since these are frequent and not at all unwelcome changes. I think DICE has upped the ante for the new map designs and the old ones are great, too. DICE are undoubtedly seasoned mapbuilding vets.

I know I will return again and again to the forest fires of Verdun and the battle chaos inside of the imposing and expansive metal fort itself. Peering around corners can be nerve-wracking since the enemy can be at so many angles to fire from and land another kill before I can land mine. Once you think you know the map, you find new places to hide briefly only to spring when an unsuspecting enemy or enemies show up.

 7. Guns

 Which tools of death to use? Which implements of destruction will we pick up to kill and blow people up? How do we use them? Our team engages one another with weapon and gadget feedback. We talk about what weapons we like and don’t like.

Playing over a spread of classes improves chances to catch a key piece of gun advice by a friend owning that gun. The choice of weapon varies from person to person and so do the preferences to an extent. Not everyone on the team will be as confident with my friend with the MG15 Suppressive or me with the Lewis Gun. All of us can agree on the high capacity supremacy of the Hellreigel, the accurate and powerful Model 10 Hunter, and the stable and hard-hitting Mondragon Storm.

The aesthetic changes of the guns via require Battlepacks offering alternate and prettier skins for guns for feats in playing multiplayer. I prefer to hold on to skins while my friends prefer to scrap them and buy expensive Battlepacks. The shiny, aesthetic difference only makes a difference to the ones that solely place value on the gun based on its appearance rather than how it fires.

des-compressed-30The dreaded No Man’s Land between trenches


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