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The 3 Questions

Each game has been given three questions. Answering the questions will either raise or lower your score. Click any game on the site and you will see this character next to the game's title: Thermometer Zoomed In If you HAVE NOT answered the 3 question for a game, there will be a thermometer in the mouth. But, if you HAVE answered the 3 questions, the thermometer is no longer there, as seen here: No Thermometer If you want to reset the 3 Questions, there are 2 ways to do this:
  1. Click the character for the game you would like to rest. Click Reset and the score will reset. You will also notice that the thermometer will reappear in the character's mouth.
  2. If you have completed the 3 questions for more than 1 game, you can reset them all at once. To do this, click the Profile button that is in the very upper-righthand portion of the site (next to your user name). In the profile, there is a button that says Reset 3 Questions. Click that button, and every game that you answered the 3 questions for will be reset.
If you would like a different character, we have several characters to choose from. Click the Profile button that is at the very upper-righthand portion of the site (right next to your user name) and click Select Character. Click a new character, and then hit Submit, and you're ready to go!
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Madden NFL 15 First Screen Shot Surfaces

Madden NFL 15 First Screen Shot Surfaces

Madden NFL 15 is the first Madden title for next-generation consoles with a full year of development behind it, and if this screen shot is any indication, there is a significant leap in terms of graphical fidelity.


When you study the picture of Colin Kaepernick, you can see that the pads and jersey fit more realistically than they did in the previous Madden title. The lighting is also much better, with shadowing on each fold of the jersey. It’s also very easy to recognize the 49er quarterback’s face. The tattoos, while common in games like NBA 2K, are brand new to Madden. However, Kaepernick is the only player in the new Madden who will feature tattoos. The added ink certainly looks detailed, and will help to distinguish him even further from his video game counterparts.


It’s difficult to say whether this level of detail will be noticeable when playing since the camera is generally pulled out further so that it’s easier to see the entire play unfolding. However, up close, this Madden is looking really nice so far.


Check out our comparisons from the Playstation 4 version of of Madden NFL 25 compared to the screen shot from Madden NFL 15.


Here’s the shot from Madden NFL 25:
Madden 25 Screen Shot

Now here’s the recently released shot from Madden NFL 15:

Madden 15 Screen Shot

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    1. Profile photo of jrodkingman

      Was definitely considering the Madden 25 just because i felt obligated to buy since i was playing Madden since the beginning but not sure if I should get Madden 15 instead…Would love some feedback on this…

      • For my money, it all comes down to how much you want to pay.

        Madden 15 will be new, have the latest rosters, and all of the newest features. The graphics also look at lot better (at least for the PS4 and Xbox One versions).

        However, if you don’t care about every new feature (and, quite honestly, if you’re not a Madden die hard, you may not even know what new features are in Madden 15), and you want the game for much cheaper, Madden 25 wasn’t a bad game.

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