Taking The Survey

There are a few things you should know about the survey before you begin:
  1. You only need to take the survey once. After you complete it, you will get a personalized score for every game on the site. Any game that is added to MeterBreak in the future will also be scored.
  2. If there is a game that you don’t see on our site, but would like to know the score, please go to the Forums and request the game that you would like added.
  3. Your scores for games are meant to reflect your actual preferences, so be careful and honest when taking the survey.
  4. If you don’t know what a certain Genre is (for example, when it asks you to rate “Endless Runner” but you don’t know what an “Endless Runner” game is), just hover over the Genre with the mouse. A brief description of the Genre will appear, along with several examples of games for that Genre. While the survey generally takes about five minutes to complete, there are a lot of selections to make. If you skip one by accident, we will let you know which questions you skipped. Simply go back to the question using the Previous button and answer it. Then hit the Next button until you are at the end of the survey to complete it.
  5. After you have completed the survey and clicked the Submit button, it may take several minutes to see your scores. This is the ONLY time you should have to wait for results on the website. Once this is finished, you will be ready to enjoy your time on the site.
  6. Once your scores are calculated, you will notice your top 10 games on the left. These games are your overall top 10 games on our site. If you would like to see the top 10 games for a specific console, hover over the “Consoles” link at the top of the page, and choose a console from the drop-down list.
  7. If you decide that you want to change some of your choices, you can re-take the survey at any time by selecting the "Retake Survey" option in the Profile.

The 3 Questions

Each game has been given three questions. Answering the questions will either raise or lower your score. Click any game on the site and you will see this character next to the game's title: Thermometer Zoomed In If you HAVE NOT answered the 3 question for a game, there will be a thermometer in the mouth. But, if you HAVE answered the 3 questions, the thermometer is no longer there, as seen here: No Thermometer If you want to reset the 3 Questions, there are 2 ways to do this:
  1. Click the character for the game you would like to rest. Click Reset and the score will reset. You will also notice that the thermometer will reappear in the character's mouth.
  2. If you have completed the 3 questions for more than 1 game, you can reset them all at once. To do this, click the Profile button that is in the very upper-righthand portion of the site (next to your user name). In the profile, there is a button that says Reset 3 Questions. Click that button, and every game that you answered the 3 questions for will be reset.
If you would like a different character, we have several characters to choose from. Click the Profile button that is at the very upper-righthand portion of the site (right next to your user name) and click Select Character. Click a new character, and then hit Submit, and you're ready to go!
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Purpose of this Site

Back when the Xbox 360 first came out. I picked up a Dynasty Warriors game. It was my first real experience with the series, as I generally avoided it due to poor reviews. To my surprise, I ended up falling in love. I played it for hours, conquering each part of the map with my insane general who would rack up 1000s of kills along the way (or, as Dynasty Warriors calls then, “KOs”).

It got me thinking. Why does this game get universally bad reviews, and yet, here I am, enjoying it? Is my taste “poor,” or do different people simply enjoy different things?

Reviewers are fine. They serve a purpose. Sometimes, as a reader, you can line up your thoughts and opinions with a certain reviewer. But reviewers are also people. And people are flawed. People are biased. People like certain things. People need to “look the part” when others are watching. Even if a reviewer enjoyed Dynasty Warriors – even if they played it for 50 hours because they got lost in the world – giving it a high score might hurt their credibility. After all, no one else saw fit to rate it in a positive light.

That is where the idea was born for a site that could feature reviews based on each person’s individual preferences. We take the human factor out of the review. Because some reviewers do have a bias towards a console, or a game series, or against a certain game. Our site hopes to remove that bias and let you find games based on what you have enjoyed in the past.

Another thing to take into consideration is that not all reviewers are the right person to review a game. Just because you love role playing games doesn’t mean you’re going to like one that’s in a niche genre. I personally love most games, but there is a very popular game that I have never been able to get into no matter how many times I’ve tried (Monster Hunter). I really do want to like the game because so many people love it, but it just doesn’t click with me. If I were assign a score based on my opinion of the game, it would be low, simply because I don’t get it.

The sad part is, there are legitimate websites out there that do this to reviews. They assign the wrong person to review a game. And because of that, the reviewer never gets it. I don’t want someone who “loves Grand Theft Auto” to come in a judge Yakuza based on their experiences with GTA. It wouldn’t be fair. But it happens all the time.

A nice side effect of our system is when you see your top games, there might be some games you’ve never heard of. Our site will help you to discover games that you might be missing out on. Not every gamer knows about every game. Especially when you look at games on mobile devices. It feels like 100s of games at a time come out on those, and it’s hard to find the good from the bad aside from word of mouth. Now, you have a place to turn to begin your steps with possibly a new game to fall in love with.

Now you know how and why the site came about. I hope that you enjoy your time here. I will always try to spice things up and keep them interesting around here, so come back often and see what’s new. Check out the 3 Questions each time a game you are interested in comes out. Suggest games you want us to add to the site. We will do our best to make this your favorite gaming site around. Thanks for reading.  :)

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    1. Profile photo of KimR1018

      I found myself nodding in agreement with so much you said here. I’m not a hard-core gamer by any stretch, so reviews of games by traditional reviewers wouldn’t mean much to me. Knowing that meterbreak shows me what I would like or what I should try based on MY tastes is genius!

    2. Profile photo of jrodkingman

      Well Said sir…well said!

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