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Mutant Football League Interview With Michael Mendheim (cont.)

Travis: Weapons! I like the sound of that!


Michael Mendheim: Also, the most requested feature from our fans is a full season mode, so we’re going to deliver that.


Travis: Is there a release window?
Michael Mendheim: Right now we have a small team working on the game and it’s too early to set a specific release window. We still have a number of high risk technical hurdles we need to clear. Our internal plan is to deliver the game in 2015 but everything will come down to how the game plays and looks and whether it’s ready for prime time or not.

Travis: What platforms are you developing this for, and what is the reasoning behind choosing these platforms? (We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the Playstation Vita version!)
Michael Mendheim: We’re focusing on delivering a PC version for Steam. Obviously, we want to bring the game to XBox One, Playstation 4 and yes, Playstation Vita, but first things first. We are building the game using the Unity Engine with porting to other systems as part of our overall development strategy.


Travis: Are you planning on doing a Kickstarter? What lessons were learned with the first Kickstarter, and what changes will you make so that the second one is successful?


Michael Mendheim: Yes, we are. There were several issues that hurt our first Kickstarter campaign, like not showing a demo of the game. That hurt us a lot. Backers aren’t so trusting. They want to see something like a tech demo. We were also too focused on mobile, which was a mistake we never recovered from. This time around we will have a year of development in the game, and it will show. The game will be on the correct platform for Kickstarter and we will be asking for a much, much smaller pledge goal. Hopefully we will be successful this time.

The original Kickstarter campaign was a very humbling experience for me and everyone involved. We could’ve pulled the campaign early and surrendered but I thought it was better to keep it up and take our licks. It gave me a chance to really correspond with fans and learn what they wanted. I also reached out and talked to people who were upset about a number of things concerning the campaign. I listened to them and rethought the entire project from the ground up. In fact, we have a Mutant Football Advisory board now. This is a where we share art and ideas, and board members can give feedback on what they like and don’t like, and let me know their thoughts.
Travis: How often do you fire up the original Mutant League Football to give it a spin?


Michael Mendheim: I refer to it often when working on the new MFL game. For fans who liked the original, they are going to love this version.
MFLIf there is one thing you could tell fans of the original, what would it be?


Michael Mendheim: We will persist until we succeed and we will deliver you the game you want. However, we do need your help and support. Help us spread the word.


We also have a fan club and people who join the fan club will receive a newsletter once a month showing exclusive art and screenshots, etc. They will also be the first to receive news about the project.  They can sign-up on our website at:


Travis: Thank you for your time, and for sharing this exciting project with you. We wish you nothing but the best of luck. I can’t wait to get my hands on the final product!


Michael Mendheim: Thanks Travis, It’s been a kick!


With new graphics, game design, and a host of new parodies on existing players, Mutant Football League looks like a title that could draw in both fans of the Madden style of football, as well as non-sports fans alike.
If you would like more information on Mutant Football League, or if you would like to support it, be sure to follow Michael Mendheim and all of his Mutant Football League updates in any of the following places:



Michael Mendheim and the Mutant Football League team would like to announce a contest on designing a logo for the upcoming title. There are some great prizes to be win. You can enter the contest using any of the social media links listed above. See below for details:
We’re running an MFL Team Logo Design Contest right now which is going to be a lot of fun.  Fans can design a team logo using an existing name we provide or they can create their own name. The winning logo design will be used in the Mutant Football League video game and the artist / designer will be credited.  The winner will also be able to name a Player in the game after themselves and win a spot in the official Mutant (Fantasy) Football League we are starting this year. The contest will be run through all of our social sites and it runs from June 13th to July 7th.
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