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There are a few things you should know about the survey before you begin:
  1. You only need to take the survey once. After you complete it, you will get a personalized score for every game on the site. Any game that is added to MeterBreak in the future will also be scored.
  2. If there is a game that you don’t see on our site, but would like to know the score, please go to the Forums and request the game that you would like added.
  3. Your scores for games are meant to reflect your actual preferences, so be careful and honest when taking the survey.
  4. If you don’t know what a certain Genre is (for example, when it asks you to rate “Endless Runner” but you don’t know what an “Endless Runner” game is), just hover over the Genre with the mouse. A brief description of the Genre will appear, along with several examples of games for that Genre. While the survey generally takes about five minutes to complete, there are a lot of selections to make. If you skip one by accident, we will let you know which questions you skipped. Simply go back to the question using the Previous button and answer it. Then hit the Next button until you are at the end of the survey to complete it.
  5. After you have completed the survey and clicked the Submit button, it may take several minutes to see your scores. This is the ONLY time you should have to wait for results on the website. Once this is finished, you will be ready to enjoy your time on the site.
  6. Once your scores are calculated, you will notice your top 10 games on the left. These games are your overall top 10 games on our site. If you would like to see the top 10 games for a specific console, hover over the “Consoles” link at the top of the page, and choose a console from the drop-down list.
  7. If you decide that you want to change some of your choices, you can re-take the survey at any time by selecting the "Retake Survey" option in the Profile.

The 3 Questions

Each game has been given three questions. Answering the questions will either raise or lower your score. Click any game on the site and you will see this character next to the game's title: Thermometer Zoomed In If you HAVE NOT answered the 3 question for a game, there will be a thermometer in the mouth. But, if you HAVE answered the 3 questions, the thermometer is no longer there, as seen here: No Thermometer If you want to reset the 3 Questions, there are 2 ways to do this:
  1. Click the character for the game you would like to rest. Click Reset and the score will reset. You will also notice that the thermometer will reappear in the character's mouth.
  2. If you have completed the 3 questions for more than 1 game, you can reset them all at once. To do this, click the Profile button that is in the very upper-righthand portion of the site (next to your user name). In the profile, there is a button that says Reset 3 Questions. Click that button, and every game that you answered the 3 questions for will be reset.
If you would like a different character, we have several characters to choose from. Click the Profile button that is at the very upper-righthand portion of the site (right next to your user name) and click Select Character. Click a new character, and then hit Submit, and you're ready to go!
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Upgrade Loop de Loops: What Works and What Doesn’t

Upgrade Loop de Loops: What Works and What Doesn’t

Recent developers have added building mechanics in their games to structure their shooting and adventure franchises with sustaining RPG mechanics. Most of the time these efforts culminate in a great deal of depth.

8. A note on Destiny (what NOT to do)

First, a comparison of Destiny of a kind of evolution of Borderlands, and not necessarily for the better (ex: the light system, the annoying configurations of weapon attack and defense). The main culprit, of course, is RLJesus, the one sure bet when the player is #1 on his team that player at some point will have no reward and some random stupid blue dot would get a legendary.

7. Borderlands: Rundown of the “hero” mechanics (badass points, stat allocation, supers)

Respecing points takes virtually no cash to do and it’s s key to testing out the play styles of every hero. The upgrades really do make the player feel like the star of the show when hammering on the special shoulder taps. Each of the characters are colorful and that goes a long way in assuming a role. The characters interact nicely with the player as their stats are upgaraded. Throw in an actual highly respectable random loot generator and these few ingredients make Borderlands into a fantastic series.

6. Fallout 4: Description of how the upgrade system meshes with the story

Basically the two benefit mutually from the other. The detail also is of note. Basically 90% of the interiors you see in the game you can make. Every item from a box of detergent, a teddy bear, a stick of gum, the 16th variation of one wooden floorboard cross-section. Except for a few boss arenas, every thing can be recreated. Players can create their own visions of “home” post-apocalypse.

5. Resident Evil 4: Side note of the Attache Case of Resident Evil 4

It’s basically like tetris and somewhat limits the player’s ability to access too many guns early on. This was a novel take on inventory management even though the player does see much of it because it’s the only way to switch weapons. Good luck!



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